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25 Jun

SAY HELLO TO Shana Logic!

If you've read any of my previous posts, you may know that I like to share my good finds from time to time. Many of you, I am sure, hop on over to Etsy when searching to score handmade and indie products. But have you ever visited Shana Logic?

Shana Logic is an independently owned shop which hosts handmade and independent goods from a variety of artists (curated by owner Shana Victor), including boygirlparty, Chocolate and Steel, Lost Apostle and lots more! As Shana explains on her website, "Shana Logic's goal is to give people an alternative to shopping at chain stores, while introducing people to talented artists, designers and the new modern craft world!"

With a wide range of fab items, priced from $1.50 to $500 (for a truly intriguing original painting), not only will you get a great intro to what the modern craft world has to offer, but you are sure to find something you (or a friend) will adore (within almost every budget, I might add).

Personally, I have a little crush on the super cute miniature prints on wood by artist Danita Salcido:

If you'd like to learn more about Shana Logic, check out the website at, or get updates (and some major doses of cuteness) directly from Shana on her blog.

Overall, I hope to encourage you to seek out and support your local and independent artists. There are so many individuals out there creating wonderful and inspiring things, and even though I may sometimes grumble to myself about the Web, I am grateful that there is a medium which helps in discovering and cheering on their work.

16 Feb

Tweet, tweet!

Hart Felt Crafts is now on Twitter: @HartFeltCrafts. Also hoping to have my Etsy shop up and running soon! You can track my progress here:

For those of you that liked my IT Crowd cross-stitch pattern, I am planning to make it the first item available in my shop! Until then, check out this Etsy jewel I discovered for more simple, quirky patterns: PixelPower.

Additional Etsy updates to follow!

25 Oct

13 Songs to Vamp Up Your Halloween Playlist

It's that time again! Halloween is only days away and I am so excited!

Sadly, this Halloween will be really low-key because of other demands on my time. At the very least, I wanted to make sure I have a killer playlist for the night. Along with some classic selections (Bela Lugosi's Dead, Dead Man's Party, etc.), I've chosen a few novel songs from my library that have a spooky vibe and/or lyrically connect to some Halloween motif.

1. Bone House by The Dead Weather 2. The Boogie Monster by Gnarls Barkley
3. Burn the Witch by Queens of the Stone Age 4. Dracula by Gorillaz
5. Evil and a Heathen by Franz Ferdinand 6. The Ghost of You Lingers by Spoon
7. Little Ghost by The White Stripes 8. Monsters by Band of Horses
9. Of Moons, Birds & Monsters by MGMT 10. Oh Lately It's So Quiet by OK Go
11. Satin in a Coffin by Modest Mouse 12. Scarecrow by Beck
13. Walking with a Ghost by Tegan and Sara  

Hopefully, you've found some songs here to add to your Halloween playlist. And I'd love to hear any other spooky song suggestions you may have. Share them in the comments section!

Have a Happy Halloween!

24 Mar

Hip Hip Crochet!

When it comes to crocheting, I'm hooked!

For my first crochet project I decided to replicate a brilliant monster wallet that I purchased a few years back at a small craft show behind Meltdown Comics. (Unfortunately, I don't know the identity of the crafter who originally had this stroke of genius.) The wallet consists of a crocheted pocket with a flap containing two buttonholes. Once you sew button eyes onto the pocket—voilà!—you've got yourself a darling little monster that loves munching on your moola!

Monster Wallet Closed Monster Wallet Open

After my knitting ordeal I was a bit apprehensive about taking on the hook. But what a difference from those vexatious needles! With the guidance of my friend Sandra (the Crochet Guru), not only did I learn the single crochet stitch in a snap, I was able to decrease and add in buttonholes, too! In relatively no time I whipped up the friendly yeti pictured above.

High on the thrill of learning a new skill, I made a trip out to my local craft store and picked up a soft skein of Lion Brand Yarn. Armed with my hook, yarn, and a scottie dog-shaped button, I made a whimsical and warm scarflet for my scottie-lovin' momma. It wasn't perfect, but the flaws simply fueled my desire to practice and "keep moving forward."

The plan is to work on conquering the double and triple crochet stitches next with the ultimate goal of stitching myself some amigurumi amigos (if I can keep my focus—I've already started playing at jewelry design). And as always, I would love any advice from the crocheting community!

09 Jan

Smitten with Knittin’

smit-ten [smit-n]


1. struck, as with a hard blow.

2. grievously or disastrously stricken or afflicted.

3. very much in love.

I believe that accurately sums up my love-hate relationship with knitting. I'm totally jazzed because I finally completed my first knitting project. Take a look:

Vintage-Inspired Scarf

I feel that, for my first attempt, this vintage-inspired scarf is quite charming. However, I've made a lamentable discovery. My clumsiness doesn't solely reside in my feet (leading me straight into walls); it extends all the way up into my fingers. Trying to simultaneously hold both needles, keep consistent tension on the yarn, and secure stitches was a considerable challenge for me.

Though starting another knitting project is slightly intimidating, I am constantly encouraged by the gorgeous new knitted pieces that I see online and at craft fairs every day. I mean, heck—if they can do it, why can't I? There's a reason the old phrase "practice makes perfect" is so well known.

In the meantime, I'm giving crocheting a go. Nobody ever said that practice without respite is forbidden!

P.S. Have any tips that make knitting less arduous for the butterfingered? I'd love to hear them!

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